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I already posted some issues you have to be aware of when producing content. Now here are some additional tips for people who want to enter. OK here the short version. DO NOT DO IT. OK I am kidding, but below some things to consider. If you want to read the part 1 oriented to new girls go here.

I will give you 5 advises to consider. While I am leaving the big boobs world in 2 years, which sounds still long, I am in the process of transitioning out of my big boobs passion. I still will shoot some content and will have content to promote until 2024-2025. On the other hand, there is always people trying to enter. I always get messages from fans who like the blog and wish they could have been with me shooting the busty girls I worked with. I will encourage everyone to get a good job, start some social media and see what happens. The 5 points below are based on what I think and other tips could be applied to your specific project.

1.Know your vision and mission

You do not produce big boobs content because you want to grab tits or meet girls and see if they fuck on or off camera. I am sure 99% of you would do it for those reasons only. However, consider that you are spending time, energy and other opportunities in life.  So when you want to produce big boobs content you have to think what is the goal you try to accomplish in terms of content and what need you want to satisfy in the big boobs lovers community. Where do you see your content in the next few years.

You already know how the BoobsRealm OF started. I had a goal to produce content until 2025-2026. I may get to 2025. My inspiration were Pinupfiles and Xx-Cel, but I wanted to add my own touch. I wanted to showcase the best busty girls in the world in a more natural way and try to offer first manhandling videos. I also knew I was targeting certain type of busty girls and not just any girl with big boobs.

2. Quantity or Quality

I had several girls asking me about shoots. I also had fans suggesting me girls. I have been told certain girls would even shoot for almost free or do content trade. However, to be honest, I have featured Sha Rizel, Demmy Blaze, Lana Kendrick, Katerina, Maria Body, Cara Ruby, Hanna Orio and brought in new girls such as Katie Savannah, Goddess Arianna, Busty Kait, Nina Nightbloom, Louise Bordeaux, TheDrohoe and discovered masked Katya P and Meghan Montblanc. Without offending anyone, these girls are top busty girls and beautiful. You would probably want to introduce most of them to your parents.

I have seen new boobs producers coming up. I wish them well, but I would not hire most of the girls they feature -except one or two-. If you want to produce content you have to make a decision. Are you going to be picky or do you just want to produce content and get your name out there? Many girls can be cheaper, but you have to choose to be the one bringing the busty bbw girl that did not make it to 2022 Scoreland or hire a girl that could be considered a girl that could have been in the Golden Era.

3. Boy/Girl or Solo

Let’s be honest. B/G can generate more money for the producer. However, you have to know what you want. Consider that some girls would not work with guys that feature boy/girl; however, that may mostly apply to pro-models rather than the current crop of OF girls. While fucking girls and deducting it fro your taxes and making money on side sounds pretty neat, consider that most girls are not pros. I knwo most people get tested when shooting. However, let’s be honest the most you shoot bareback the most risk. As you may be shooting with some people that fuck random creators on a weekly basis. That is why BoobsRealm has kept the boy/girl to certain specific cases. Goddess Arianna, Lana Blanc, Katya P, Meghan Montblanc, MisFortune and Anastasia Love. Get a plan and see what you can offer.

4. Don’t be treated as a fan

Unfortunately, everybody and their mother with a smartphone and a twitter account can get verified on Onlyfans. Onlyfans girls will only work with people  that people they know can refer. These girls have no idea who are real models and who are real producers. Some girls will ask for deposit. Or bring in a partner. Would they ask for a deposit to Brazzers? What if they do not show up. If they do that, they can be scammers. remember, the girls can do whatever they want and then deny it online and simps an their “friends” will support them.

Regarding the partner. While it is understandable, also check how comfortable you are. If you do b/g would you be comfortable having their boyfriend there?  Who are they? are they reliable people? I had one experience with a girl  who wanted to bring in her boyfriend. I knew this girl was an escort and from her social media did not seem to be very reliable. The idea was to do titfuck and BJ. I explained it would be uncomfortable and provided references of Pro models. She never contacted them. Then the week of the shoot changed her rates. When sending her her own text message, she got offended and blamed me for not allowing “vulnerable women” to bring their partner. Yeah, I would not allow  pimp when I have thousands of dollars in equipment and I am in a city I’m not from. The shoot was cancelled. So beware who enters your set. If you shoot with just a camera or a phone, still your physical integrity could be at risk.  Work with reliable people.

5. Background check

Check for references of models. Sadly some people lie. I pretended to be a girl and contacted a “photographer” who is offering girls to fuck off-camera. He did not say much to me, but pointed me to a girl he worked with. By the looks of it, the girl looked like she sucked dick for 200 bucks. anyway, I asked her about the guy and she  told me he was the sweetest guy in the world. Little they knew I saw his messages to a model asking for a rate for sex, without even asking for details about a shoot.  Moral of the story, ask reliable people for references. In the old days producers knew which models were lazy, hard to work with, scammers and who no-showed. There is a reason why some girls only got featured in one or two sites and in one or two no more than once. There are countless of stories of big names causing trouble.

6. Work with models you trust

This is an extra tip. If you have reliable models, work with them if you can produce different content that does not get repetitive. The more people you interact with, the more discouraging it could get. Working with Sha, Katerina, Demmy, Maria, Katie gave me great hopes of shooting; however, the more you go the more you find that Pro Models tend to be a different breed of cats in comparison with amateurs who will give you 100 excuses for not picking up the phone or backing off after agreeing to something.

I hope this helps you have a better idea. If someone wants to enter the big boobs world and start where I am leaving, be my guest.

Below some of my models: Katie Savannah, Katya P, TheDorhoe, Katerina Hartlova.

BoobsRealm Onlyfans


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