lana kendrick interview

Welcome to the long-awaited Ask Me Anything. I received a lot of questions on the comments, but also twitter and by e-mail.

I am addressing absolutely everything!

Jenni Noble where’s she been?

She has not been active and no new content has been released. You have to consider that only 3 out of 10 girls that start porn remain in porn after 1 year. Most of the times we do not know they are in porn, but it happened Jenni was very busty and was in Scoreland in the time when not many naturally busty girls were debuting, so we spotted her. However, there are countless of similar stories.

Molly Stewart has done hardcore on her onlyfans. Will she do hardcore on mainstream after the pandemic?

She is not that busty. I was not aware of her. In this day and age girls do not need to shoot for big porn companies. There are several No Name Girls that are making over 20k a month from their own homes. Now, having said that, yes working for sites gvies the girls more exposure and helps them get more money on their own onlyfans/site. However, not many girls think that logically these days.

Are there any retired busty eastern european pornstars escorting? which Easter European City has the best big titted whores for when covid is over. I want to cum on some big TITTAYS

I am not familiar with the pornstar escorting scene, let alone in Europe. honestly, if you google European pornstar escorts you will find who is escorting where. If you want to know who escorts under the radar, you will never find it online and I could not disclose that unless getting permission.

Any hot busty Middle Eastern or Indian models getting into porn?

I only can think of Laila Lust. Also anonymous newcomer Safiya who will be featured on the blog next week.

Laila ha dropped a lot of weight.. which is nice

Laila Lust on Scoreland


Whatever happened to Amanda love sex tape video with that one guy? Is there a longer version of the video? Also boobsrealm did you really contact Sophia traxler about her pregnancy after she quit porn for LP and DDF busty. Plus do you try to keep reach out to Lucie Wilde and see if she wants to do another interview? Like life after porn and what were her favorite scenes to shoot for LP and which ones did she not like plus did she have any issues with the other models. I, heard that she did not like timea Bella at all.

About AL’s Video is gone. I can’t comment more on that. Regarding Traxler. Hmm… yes I am in touch with her and say hi every now and then. I cannot comment on her personal situation unless getting clearance.

I try at least twice every year to come up with an idea to contact Lucie Wilde. I pitch it to THE person that has the contact info, but it seems the person does not have any faith in getting even a reply so she says it is a thing in the past. I have offered money just to try to contact. Even if we contact her, it is unlikely that Lucie would like to talk about her porn career after 6 years and living a new life. Each year the 0.00000001 chances get slimmer.

No idea about any beef between her and Timea Bella, but I can tell you this… nobody liked to work with her. Lucie was not a bad person, she just was not used to sex, let alone porn so she made shoot days a nightmare for all. Believe me, I have been in similar situations and those days you really pray to get some decent content when you have a model constantly fucking up the videos and the clock is ticking.. and time is money.

Jasmine Black is always escorting. Sensual Jane always escorted and supposedly still escorts UTR.

Yes Jasmine escorts, so this answers the previous question. No idea about Sensual Jane, but if somebody has the contact info let me know because I am trying to license a NEVER-before seen porn scene of hers… but she needs to sign the release forms.

Why was the Tera Cox B/G Poolside xxx scene never released on video? There are images but a vid was never released.

No idea, but I will tell you stories about other girls. Daizie Kello did a b/g scene for Scoreland. I was excited about it. I only saw the photos, but never the video. I spent hours and hours searching for it. She was one of my first big boobs crushes. Story goes that the guy could not keep his dick hard so they had to scrap the video and do only photos. I was told there is some footage as he did fuck her and got his dick sucked, but it was mostly to get the photos done. So something similar could have happened with Tera Cox.

Legendary Tawnee Stone had 1 b/g with her BF. Both were so high that the material we found online was the only worth piece of content after hours of work.


Do models fuck photographers during shoots?

LOL. Do people fuck at work ? You have to consider that it is a professional relationship. If you become a photographer or producer just to fuck girls, you will be wasting a lot of money -shooting content, because it is expensive-, will end up frustrated and maybe end up getting sued or called out on social media.  And remember, it is 2021 so you have to be more careful.

There are stories of old school photographers fucking models and pornstars back in the late 90’s early 2000’s.. I mean, like a 90% chances. Not anymore.

Also girls talk to each other, so even if you try to push yourself and you nail it, you will get blocked.

It can happen that you can develop some chemistry with some co-workers. It can also happen that you “do not get along” with the person you are stuck with for 8 years… Yes Woodman tries to fuck them all, and he knows how to play with girls minds. Katerina rejected his several thousand euros offer. Other than money, you can see Rob from FTVGirls getting cozy with girls. Some guys know how to win over girls. But again, the shoot is to create content not to fuck the models.

What happened with the Cel interview that you did not release?

It is somewhere in one old hard disk. I talked to Cel about it in 2019. He told me it would be better to have a new one. However, we were not able to do it as schedules have not matched and we kind of forgot about it.

Why you did not call out Lana Kendrick in the fake cancer scam?

I left this for the end. I am going to tell my side of the story. While I do not remember the details I will give you the main story I remember. I saw the tweet about cancer -or was it the car- and I contacted Lana directly. I think I gave her the idea of a GoFundMe. She did not want to reveal any personal information, as she did not want any stalker or crazy fan. As you may know Lana Kendrick is not her real name. So she created the page. It got taken down because she was told Lana Kendrick was not a real name. That is the reason why I remember it got taken down. Then YesBoobs messages me and “tells” me that I had to call her out for scamming people and that PUF was in cahoots with her.. or at least something along those lines. I replied with the information I knew. I contacted PUF and Lana about the scam comments ‘by some people’. I was told by both that it was real. I was told that the photo uploaded on the GFM was just a random photo as nobody thought people would need to see the actual medical document. So it was a “lazy” act which actually was blew out of proportion.

When we did the interview on the BoobsRealm Onlyfans, I had it in m list of questions, but was not able to bring it up as I got distracted by the natural M cups.

Lana Kendrick Interview and Manhandling

lana kendrick grabbed


By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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3 years ago

daizie kellog boy girl? thats what i wpuld pay for even for a lame scene. unbelivable scoreguys dont understand how to run the business…its daizie… can you post the material ?

3 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

thx! really dont understand whats in the head of the scoreguys. they have their asses on treasures…it s even possible at this point that they have a merilym sakova boy/girl and they dont realease for stupid reasons if they have daizie boy girl and dont post it…

3 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

yes but sometime the quality of of the model exceed the importance of the quality of the material …its more interesting to see a daizie kellog hardcore video even if its bad shooted than any good 4k of the actual girls score display now days. models are much more important than video itself that why mati and other egiirls make money with 30 sec video…..

3 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Yet Score did release a very strange video of Kelly Kay and her mother. It was heavily and poorly edited for no apparent reason, yet the full unedited thing would have been wonderful to see. And there’s that infamous and rather horrible video with Julia Miles doing hardcore with the guy with a micropenis.

Having said all this, I do know someone who modelled for Score, and she said that they were absolute professionals from beginning to end.

3 years ago
Reply to  Potato

It is possible that they simply didn’t get her agreement to do it on video. I know one model who has done quite a few photo shoots, but she won’t agree to video of any kind. I asked her once why, and the answer is that she feels that video is much more personal.

Remember that when Daizie Kellogg made that shoot, Score was much more a magazine than a video site as well. But wait: wasn’t it a fake hardcore shoot? It’s possible that she only agreed to oral, hence there would be no point in shooting a video.

3 years ago

Lana Kendrick needs all the help she can get since she literally is at the point of no return with her body. She was a skinny dancer with huge tits. Now, she’s a fat cow with stretch marks all across her stomach. Yuck!

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Who cares
3 years ago

The medical picture wasn’t of her and it was a scam her gofundme page was stopped after it was found out that she in fact lied about her having cancer. It ballooned to thousands of dollars but it was stopped before she could withdraw all of it. She was called out for it and you guys still did a shoot with her because your in the business of adult content and not in the business of proving someone is a lying shithead

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