Javier Milei ascended to the Argentinian Pink House by a landslide. The Argentinian Trump has promised to Delete all Communists from Messi’s country. However, he was not the only politician who got the internet talking during the elections. Cordoba native Maria Celeste Ponce was elected DIPUTADA for that region. Her pictures were viral as we could notice that she was not as well known for her political ideas as she was for her big melones.

Argentina is the country of Gardel (yes I know he was from Uruguay), Wine, Asado, Maradona, Messi and beautiful women. We know Camm Landi is the most beautiful busty girl on Instagram.  However, Argentina is well represented by Maria Celeste Ponce. This politician, who would have made an even more profitable career as a model chose to join the political spectrum. While it was intended or not, it was inevitable that the world would not notice TWO BIG THINGS in her picture when taking office.


The busty blonde from The River Plate country is 36 years old and single. We know she is a conservative, but we have not been able to pay attention to any word she says. We do know she is a good looking woman that used to take nice modeling photos for her social media. You will find some photos at the end of this article.

We do not know what the future holds for Milei and Miss Ponce. We hope Argentina does well, so it other countries can follow Bukele and Milei’s strategies.  What we do know is that we will be keeping an eye on Maria Celeste Ponce who is a daily motivation to check out Instagram.  I am sure more Argentinians have found new interest in politics. I also believe many foreigners will be following what Maria Celeste does for the South American country. We know she has A LOT to offer.  Speaking of foreigners, our American friends may have a new female political figure, as they have the Mummy Pelosi and Alexandra ” I’m retarded” Ocasio Cortez in their country.

Here is her Youtube channel:


maria-celeste-ponce-tetas maria-celeste-ponce-tits

By Boobsrealm

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1 month ago


Jon in Toronto
1 month ago

as soon as i saw this, “did Makayla Melon move to Argentina?”

1 month ago

Excellent post! I’m in love with this one!

MAGA: Make ARGENTINA Great Again;)

1 month ago

Dayum! Very nice!

1 month ago

What a nice-looking politician, in comparison to some fat
lefty bull-dyke purple hair types.

1 month ago

“Cordoba native Maria Celeste Ponce was elected DIPUTADA for that region.”

More like dipuTATAS

Ba dum tss

30 days ago
Reply to  sfdkgy

Before Serial Downvoter: +3

The guy is as humorless as he is stupid.

1 month ago

wow big tits and hates commies

1 month ago

Considering the current poverty in Argentina, she will go to Onlyfans soon to get extra cash… =P

1 month ago
Reply to  Ahmet

I don’t think it affects the politicians, lol.

1 month ago
Reply to  Lionel

So much true in your words. She knew how to do it well.

However, I don’t know if she actually wants to do good things for people, or just for her… So I’ll have to keep an eye to her IG, just to be well informed.

Last edited 1 month ago by KaaMoS
1 month ago

Alexandra ”I’m retarded” Ocasio Cortez

The irony.

4 days ago

Agustina Guz have the best tits of Argentina.

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