The results are up! Some surprises. Fans voted and members of the Committee submitted their picks.  Fan voting winner gets 2 point.s Each of the 4 members of the Committee vote is worth 1 point. Originally only the top girl in each group was going to advance to the Semifinals, but read the results below and you will see why 15 girls advance.

Our friend Eddie from was invited to the Committee this year. He stated the following: “Here are my pics for favorite girls based on their activity on Twitter and Websites and /or Camshows. Also based on my personal attraction of their sexuality and of their impressive breasts or sheer beauty.”

Note: The Fan voting results can be found at the bottom of the post.

Note 2: This is the first time in 7 years that one girl got no votes … =(.

Note 3: The Semifinals Group are revealed at the bottom of the post before the Fan voting results.

Note 4: The girl on the main picture is Stacy Vandenberg. Download all Stacy Vandenberg Boobs Photos Here.

Group 1

Fan Voting: Demmy Blaze got 65 votes more than the runner-up Ewa Sonnet.
NinersFan: “God, these groups are sooo tough. After much deliberation, I finally landed on anna. Great embodiment of the Latina camgirl. Great interaction with fans and you can really see the passion she has about her work….just as another spicy Latina in one of the other groups. Pretty sure demmy will take it, but this is where my gut went. Probably going to be my most controversial pick”. Demmy comes in second place.
Anon: Demmy Blaze is stunning. The best boobs in the group.
Eddie: Demmy Blaze Demmy Blaze is ascending as a star thanks to her work with Samanta Lily and YesBoobs. Alice Wayne was a great discovery, but maybe next year…

Results: Demmy Blaze 5 points, Ana Valente 1 point.

Watch Demmy Blaze Tits on Yesboobs

Group 2
Fan voting: Samanta Lily has convinced many fans with her big pregnancy boobs and her creative content
Ninerrsfan: “Samanta Was pregnant and was still showing people she’s on top of her game and not going anywhere anytime soon. Subrina had a great push, but not enough to beat samanta in my opinion”
Anon: Athena Blaze is amazing.
Eddie: Samanta Lily Samanta and her creative work had a wonderful year. Athena Blaze comes second for me in this group.
Results: Samanta Lily 5 points, Athena Blaze 1 point.

Group 3

Fan voting: Lana Bunny aka Cherril Blossom. Newcomer Mia Melano came in a close second place.
NF: Shanie Gaviria. This girl has a body that won’t quit and only continues to impress year after year. Great seeing her on a major site like score and doing her own videos/cam. Also appears to be a fan favorite
Anon: Angel Wicky
Eddie: Cherril Blossom Lana Bunny thanks to her recent work in Scoreland. However Angel Wicky and Mia Melano almost win my vote
Results: Cherril Blossom 4 points, Shanie Gaviria 1 point, Angel Wicky 1 point.

Group 4
Fan voting: DRAW between Angela White and Beth Lily (1 point for each girl)
NF: Angela White. Defending champ, though not sure how much further she will get past this round. Had a good year, but better 2017.
Anon: Cassieopia what a great pair of tits. Lucky BF.
Eddie: Cassieopia Angela worked her ass off. No pun intended. However, Some of her content was a turn off and that made me vote for Beth Lily who is still doing fine despite ocassional nipple showing.
Results: Angela White 2 points, Beth Lily 2 points, Cassieopia 2 points. For the first and only time 3 girls from the same round advance to the semi-finals.

Group 5
Fan Voting: Lovely Lilith
NF: Lovely Lilith. True legend that keeps chugging along. Really a toss-up between her and kitty because she did awesome work as well
Anon: Milly Marks. Big great tits
Eddie: Lovely Lilith Lovely Lilith hands down. Creative content.
Results: Lovely Lilith 5 points, Milly Marks 1 point.

Group 6
Fan voting: Natasha Nice.
NF: naughtythrowawayf. Naughty has a body to die for and has been putting in work on the amateur front.
Anon: Natasha Nice
Eddie: Lana Kendrick Natasha Nice. This busty girl has been heavily featured on many porn sites and is reaching her prime in porn. Naughty is also great but she stopped showing content. Xenia would have won it but she has barely shown her nipples.
Result: Natasha Nice 4 points, Lana Kendrick 1 point, Naughtythrowaway 1 point.

Group 7
Fan voting: Stacy Vandenberg
NF: This group was one of toughest, if not the toughest groups to decide for me. All the girls were deserving to claim “best of the bunch.” Both Codi and Stacey were highlights of 2018 and wouldn’t be surprised if either one took the crown this year. Codi absolutely killed it with her work with score and has quickly become one of my favs over the last few years (great on cam too). That being said, it really feels like there is something special about Stacey. That model that we get once every few years (sometimes even longer) that will go down as an all-timer even once her (probably short) career is over. (ex. yulia nova, jana defi, merilyn, lucie, ala passtel etc)
Anon: Stacy V.
Eddie: Nicole Fragoso Stacy Vandenberg has had the topless impact Lucie Wilde had in hc in 2014. Sad that Codi was in this group because she had a great year and deserved to advance.
Results: Stacy Vandenberg: 5, Nicole Fragoso 1 point.

Group 8
Fan voting: Talia Amanda
NF: Luna Amor. True beauty to match her amazing body. Always entertains with her lesbian videos and did a great shoot this year with scoreland. Neoaphrodite has a PERFECT body and talia is well on her way in the future to being a great, but I think luna takes it this year. Next year might be an entirely different story
Anon: Alexsis Faye
Eddie: Princess96 Talia has taken our lives by storm. Fan response is amazing. Princess996 might have an amazing year in 2019.
Results: Talia Amanda 3 votes, Luna Amor 1 point, Alexsis Faye 1 point, Princess96 1 point.

Group 9
Fan Voting: Tessa Fowler even crushed Hitomi Tanaka
NF: Tessa. She’s the bret hart of the competition…..the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. Plus, a former champ. Tessa is always going to be DIFFICULT to top
Anon: Tessa Fowler
Eddie: Sabina Dulce Tessa Fowler
Results: Tessa Fowler 5 points, Sabina Dulce 1 point

Watch Tessa Fowler with Lana Kendrick

Group 10
Fan Voting: Katerina Hartlova beating one of the best newcomers Maria Body
NF: Maria Body. Another difficult group, but gave the edge to maria body. If contest was only based on hotness, perfection and past work, minjello or Katerina would win going away….but ultimately it’s not. And as far as 2018 Maria was a pleasant surprise and she put out some great videos between pinup files and nadine’s
Anon: Maria Body
Eddie: Katerina Hartlova I have to go with Maria Body. Maria, Stacy V and Talia are the top discoveries. Sorry about my beloved Katarina.
Results: Katerina Hartlova 3 points, Maria Body 3 points. According to the rules fan voting wins; however, we had to have 12 girls to advance to the semifinals (3 groups of 4_ with the triple tie in group 4 we needed 1 more girl, so both girls qualify in order to have 15 girls)

Group 11
Fan Voting: Antonella Kahllo.
NF: Antonella. To make another wrestling reference….to be the man, you have to beat the man. 2 time champ, one of the biggest fanbases amongst the boob community, passionate about her fans and the work she does. Going to be hard to knock her off
Anon: Stella Cox. She is amazing
Eddie: Antonella Kahllo Antonella had a great year.
Results: Antonella Kahllo 5 points, Stella Cox 1 point

Group 12
Fan voting: Bella Brewer
NF: Alice Coquine has done great amateur work this year and some of the best tits around
Anon: Bella Brewer. She is fantastic. I liked Amalia too, but I had to vote for 1 only.
Eddie: Korina Kova Was between Bella and Alice, but in the end Bella won by a nipple.
Results: Bella Brewer 4 points, Alice Coquine 1 point, Korina Kova 1 point.


Three semifinal groups of 5 girls each will start in 24 hours. The Groups are the following:

SEMIFINAL 1: Demmy Blaze, Samanta Lily, Cherril Blossom, Angela White, Maria Body

SEMIFINAL 2: Lovely Lilith, Natasha Nice, Stacy Vandenberg, Talia Amanda, Cassieopia

SEMIFINAL 3: Tessa Fowler, Katerina Hartlova, Antonella Kahllo, Bella Brewer, Beth Lily

By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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5 years ago

Hmm! Some interesting results for fan voting so far.

Group 7: There’s a reason we like Stacy Vandenberg, very short, very busty.
Group 6: Nice to see Natasha Nice being a favorite.
Group 8: Talia Amanda, no surprise there, the force is going to be strong with this one.
Group 9: Beautiful Tessa, the girl who is open and honest about her life and struggles, and
deserves to queen again for that reason alone.

5 years ago

IMHO Tessa Fowler is overrated. Yes she is pretty but there are other girls that are just as pretty and Tessa is getting by on previous work (just like Katarina Hartlova).

5 years ago

Hey GC when I said beautiful Tessa I wasn’t just referring to just her pretty looks or body features, yeah no I was looking way past that.

5 years ago

Imagine picking Natasha Nice over Stacey Poole in a boobs contest. I’m seriously stunned. Other than that, these results are pretty respectable. As always, great work putting this contest together.

5 years ago

Demmy Blaze, Tessa Fowler, Cassie0pia, in that order. Beth Lily is still lovely but her OF content is weak, and she strikes me as a little hollow between the ears.

5 years ago

Not that i have anything against her or even dislike her, but Tessa beating Hitomi? and not even going past the group stage?………yeah i lost all interest in the rest of the competition. Best of luck to all of them in their careers, ill vote more next year.

5 years ago

SEMIFINAL 1: Maria Body

SEMIFINAL 2: Lovely Lilith

SEMIFINAL 3: Bella Brewer

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