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More details on Ryan Madison’s actions in the past have surfaced validating the claims Annabel Redd and other pornstars have made against him. However, we need to analyze certain details.

The unedited videos on the previous post seemed to give Ryan Madison the benefit of the doubt as to what happened in the scene. Ryan also claimed Annabel spent 2 days in the house and never expressed any sign of being uncomfortable or mad about the creampies. However, more pornstars claims against Ryan seem to make him be the devil in porn. And while we cannot say Annabel’s claims. can be verified by the videos we watched, it seems that anybody complaining about Ryan might get bonus points.

BoobsRealm contacted famous agent Mark Spiegler to confirm information that in fact Ryan Madison was blacklisted in his agency. He confirmed as per e-mail shown below:

However, it is curious to note that girls who are now crucifying Ryan Madisonand making serious accusations of rape (Kenzie Madison, Khloe Capri and Sage Montana) were not only silent about any issue, but even praised or promoted their scenes with Ryan.

Kenzie Madison says Ryan fucked her like a God, while Khloe Capri promotes her first creampie. Monica Sage tweets before the scene.


There are many grey areas here. If in fact Ryan Madison has taken advantage of his position as experienced talent and somehow forced the girls to not only perform acts they were not comfortable and /or forced them to be silent about it he should be removed from the adult industry. That is to be determined by whoever is to do it.

However, this whole situation sparks something that I have already been told by many producers in recent years. I am not minimizing or saying that some pornstars are lying about the situation. However, we already saw what Lana Rhoades did to Woodman, lying about him. Fortunately for Woodman he disclosed the whole hidden camera footage proving she was lying.

Let’s assume that nobody lies. Still there is a big concern for future scenes. Misunderstandings or bad communication happen. Sometimes what is obvious to a person in his 30s or 40s is not interpreted the same way by a girl in her early 20s -usually with liberal political ideas where all men are bad-. In the past many readers complained about bringing in some political issues. This post basically is what I saw coming and where some ideologies converge and cause issues.

Many girls are claiming that Ryan offered them alcohol to get them drunk. I do not know his intentions, but I do know that some girls do like to take a glass of wine to relax. That does not apply to all. However, the only way to know is asking. Unfortunately, you can be seen as wanting to take advantage just for asking.

IN fact I know about certain producers that make uncomfortable steps towards pornstars. Sometimes pornstars are ok, sometimes they aren’t. Remember the case of Lycia Sharyl and Derren McCormick?

lycia sharyl dazglam

Naughtyboy, one of the most respectful guys in the adult business, who was always praised for his professionalism and chivalry, had issues with certain girls too who did not like he was a one-man show. Some girls started acting weird and not collaborating without even knowing him.

So sometimes you can do things that are bad for certain people, but not bad for others. This still would make someone complain about you. The landscape for the future might look complicated as it just not that you could be publicly trashed without chance of replying for things you did not even know that happened. This means now you have to be careful about what you say, what you do or think how the 20-something -usually liberal- female in the same room may consider your action or question.

This post is not to defend Ryan Madison. I have not idea of what happened there. If he did something wrong, he must pay the consequences. However, my worry is that this could be used to start a witch hunt where everything is wrong.

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3 years ago

2020 and the porn industry still is a paradise for scumbags and rapists? It won’t change if pornstars do not unite and create protocols for their security. They could simply bring a camera and record what is happening. – contracts should bring a detailed description of what is agreed. More importantly, they should communicate more between themselves, create a sindicate and boycott rapist performers / photographers.

3 years ago
Reply to  nopnop

It’s never been an industry that attracts the best and brightest. As for the girls, they almost exclusively end up in the biz as a result of a combination of tragic circumstances and a healthy dose of either naïveté or stupidity, depending on who you ask. Long story short, this is not the place to look for truthful, morally upstanding individuals. It likely never will be. So when these porn whore broads start making wild claims without evidence (or often contrary to evidence) I’m unsurprised. The known way to boost your star these days is to claim victim status at… Read more »

3 years ago

I dont know. That guy certainly looks like a douche but in my experiencie, when a woman wants to screw you, they do. No matter if they lie or not.

3 years ago

“Kenzie Madison says Ryan fucked her like a God”
It says “god damn animal.” Christ you are a real moron.
“Many girls are claiming that Ryan offered them alcohol to get them drunk. I do not know his intentions, but I do know that some girls do like to take a glass of wine to relax.” Many of the white whores Cosby fucked with were also know drug users and luudes were common back then. Brian Pumper was run out of porn for offering a girl marijuana. Wait. I think I’m seeing a pattern. Whites are trash.

Tracy Trajeho
3 years ago

Pornfidelity removed all the content with Annabel Redd. That’s so normal.
And something else – Annabel sure knows who Ryan Madison is and what he does.

3 years ago

I’m going to make this clear since you can’t seem to understand: IF WOMEN MAKE ACCUSATIONS OF THIS NATURE, WE SHOULD BELIEVE THEM. It’s shameful to see you try and brush this off as “misunderstandings” or use idiotic excuses like “some girls like to take a glass of wine to relax.” Instead of relying on your bullshit, preconceived, quasi-misogynistic excuses to defend Mr. Madison, use your influence to fairly report the accusations at hand and give both sides their due, ESPECIALLY when multiple women come out to make these claims. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, but what isn’t going… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

It’s not just Annabel Redd. It’s Elena Koshka, Shae Celestine, Kinsley Karter, Sydney Cole, Rosalyn Sphinx, Monica Sage, Lulu Chu and dozens of others, each with precise stories about his methods and patterns. Koshka actually tweeted shortly after shooting with him that he had been deeply unpleasant. These were just allusions on which she didn’t elaborate at the time. It’s likely that her agent asked her to shut up about it, as Ryan and Kelly Madison own a large studio, and the agent didn’t want to get his clients blackballed there (she did more scenes with Teen/Pornfidelity, but not with… Read more »

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