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This is part 2 of Starting your own Big Boobs Studio . Check out part 1.

Negotiating and learning to say No

There are standard average rates, however, the negotiation with each model varies from one girl to another. Unless you are Lucy Wilde you are not making several thousands in one day. However, you will meet girls who have never worked for anybody that feel that they “deserve” that amount of money. Why? because they made 20k or more a month on OF, so they will assumed everybody in this business is stinking in money.  You will meet others who would not see much value in working with you because either they do not care or do not care to work with you anymore. The model fees asked will be higher or they will want to charge you boy/girl prices for just nudes.

What do you do? Before thinking it is an easy answer, which is an obvious NO, you have to consider that when you go to a restaurant and you see the price of the meal which is expensive, you will either eat it and be grumpy about it or walk out. The latter is not very common nor polite, but you are sending the message that that meal is not worth that. The restaurant staff will get the feel that you are just poor and do not appreciate quality. Both could be valid answers depending on the circumstances.

In the big boobs world – or any other modeling and porn situation- it is the same. There is a market price and sometimes the most expensive meals – girls- are worth it for several reasons: fan following, promotion for you, big names, etc- However, not all girls look like superstars and not all girls realize they do not.

I have had to turn down girls. Yes, I could not believe that in 2019 I was worried about who would shoot with me, but in 2020-2021 I get requests of girls who have worked for big sites, that they would like to shoot with me. You have to remember that even if they would charge less than the average- which those girls do not- I do not have unlimited money. This means that the money I spend in #Generic Scoreland girl #1 would take away greens that I could offer to Sha Rizel, Tessa or any other big name. So you have to politely talk about schedules, travel issues, budget already allocated etc.

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Final Words


As mentioned in the post about Costs to Shoot content, you have to budget all those items and make sure you will not cry if you do not make any money. Also budget your potential revenue. Consider FX exchange effect into your calculations.


Do not forget that if you find a model to shoot, that is not enough to start selling. 1, 8 or 10 videos are not enough to start. You have to post at least weekly content to attract and keep subscribers. If you work with only 1 model it can be easier, but if you wanna feature different modes, there is a risk you get to month 3 and have no content. Then your momentum might go away.

I’m glad these posts can be useful to people who are curious about starting their own content producing business. It is a rea business and has to be treated as such in order to make it work.

I will be creating an e-book on The BoobsRealm Experiencie: Want to shoot your own big boobs content?

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3 years ago

Your right about all this. The OF sites that offer one hot model will not last too long unless they create unique content to keep their fans. Significant investment and time will be required and that means OF’s will have to think ahead to stay competitive.

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