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I have been asked by 2 people in the past 30 days about how to start their own big boobs studio. Also a twitter promo account told me he is saving to start shooting. In addition, our friend who specializes in BBW models announced he was going to shoot content. A few other people have either asked me how to start their own studio or wanted to be my assistant. This post is to give more important information to those considering venturing into creating big boobs content.

If you have not read my 3-part post about How much it costs to shoot big boobs content, it would be a great start if you check it out, so you can come back to this post and complement that information. Many different topics that are interesting to those who want to produce content and those who are curious about the things that casual fans do not see.

What is your Strategic Plan?

If you have gone to marketing or business school you might be familiar with this. However, if you have not been exposed to this subjects, they are more than just buzzwords.

Define your mission ( what type of content you want to create, what is the purpose of that content and what fans will get from it, meaning that girls show their boobs in any site; so what different you want to accomplish?)

Vision: Is it a vanity project? The Boobsrealm Onlyfans started as one. the original idea was to shoot with Katerina, meet her and then go home loving the experience and trying to make a few bucks so I would have not lost so much money. you can see the phone recorded videos and that in the early videos. However, once I experienced the whole process I loved it and I realized I wanted to do it more seriously. It went from a vanity project to something I really wanted to do and be able to create content that fans would enjoy.

Set your objectives and define a strategy: What you wanna accomplish, what will be your distribution channel, how will you get advertisement.

I could go on and on. I have been thinking of creating an e-book later in the year explaining not only what to do in your business plan but also adding real stories and more. Also showing that a big boobs content business is no different than a restaurant or IBM or Apple. My idea would be to sell it at a minuscule price of $5.99. The book would have some photos so you get tittles for your 5.99 bucks.

Shoot with your brain not with your dick

This a very important one. Sometimes we  want to shoot all the models we can. However, certain models could either not be willing to work with other people or would charge a lot because they either do not know you or want to put a high barrier. Remember that the fact that the girl is shooting with you does not mean she will fuck you. So do not just shoot a model because you are horny. She might reject you and you will end up upset and with less money.

It is important to note that even in hardcore scenes you only have sex -with cuts and change of camera angles- and it is not like fucking your GF. The girl pretends for the camera. If you do something off camera or push her to fuck her -as certain guys do- when they are getting their make up done, you can either get outed on social media or sued. So remember, everyone involved has to be professional. Girls are horny on camera, It is like wrestling.

Sometimes you will have to turn down girls 

When I started a made a list of 20 girls. Some girls I was able to shoot. Others were not available. Another group was contacted but as time progressed and onlyfans became more popular, I found new amazing girls. So unless you have unlimited budget you will have to choose who you work with. And more importantly, who could make you the most money.

I hope you enjoyed it. Part 2 comes later next week.

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