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The Boobs world before onlyfans was very similar to professional wrestling before WWF went global. There were many territories -producers-, but all died after WWE competed with them. In this case onlyfans killed them off, but the ony difference was tha the then WWF was bound for big budgets, whereas onlyfans targets amateur audiences.. so basically it is like the territories would have been killed off by AEW. Anyways, If there is a Tales from the territories, this post is about Tales from the Boobs Territories.

This post will feature random news and rumors from the bygone era.

Everybody hated each other

Just as in the wrestling territories where promoters exchanged their wrestlers, but they did not like each other, in the boobs world the producers would talk to each other and exchange models so everyone would make money. However, in wrestling boobs and pussy and men and women were not involved, it was only business. In Boobs world, it was more complex. With the exception of Pinupfiles, at least to my knowledge, there is no producer that has ever walked on God’s green Earth that did not fall in love with at least one of their models. Now, there is where issues started. Everybody was friends with everybody until the producer was told or just thought the girl he liked got fucked or saw her getting fucked on camera or just preferred to work with someone else. That is when friendship ended and different techniques to boycott the other producer started.

Some producers got obsessed with girls they never got to work with or have sexual realtions with -from the account of the affected girls themselves, but you know, girls always lie about body counts-

More hate

The level of jealousy got to one point that certain producer claimed exclusivity on models and “banned” them from shooting with him if they “dared” to shoot with producers that he did not like -everyone else-.  Before onlyfans this producer always told models that they needed him to be a star and make money as all other men only wanted to shoot to get laid because men and the patriarchy, yes this dude is a left wing nut.

There is one legend known by some of the models and producers about this “crazy producer: nicknamed Gollum that when he found out a couple of models were going to shoot with a producer, he told them to set up the shoot and offered them the same amount of money the working producer offered for a shoot so they did not show up. The good producer traveled to another country and suffered no-shows by these two”relatively famous’ models.

This same producer found out yours truly, BoobsRealm offered one of the most popular models in recent year sher first boob grab, so he told the girl to never talk to Boobsrealm again or she would never get hired by him again. Sadly for her for other reasons I cannot publicly comment.

Unrelated video to avoid speculation. Wendi White

No tattoos

Back in the day models with tattoos had it hard to get hired by producers. Tattoos were seen as low-class and as features taken away the beauty of the model, which was the focus of photos and videos.  A site like suicidegirls was featuring only “alt models” which were girls with tattoos that almost no one else would feature. Hence the name, SuicideGirls. Nowadays, the site is owned by a Canadian team who features non-tattooed or non-heavily tattooed girls.

Standard Rates

Back int he day there were standard rates. They are still current for the few Professional models that shoot for sites; however, the Onlyfans girls think producers make a lot of money, when actually girls make 10x more as simps pay money to have a chance the girl falls in love with them. Standard solo rates were more than a monthly salary in some countries in Europe and Latin America. Topless models made in one day more money than girls getting fucked on camera. However, topless models shot more solo videos in one day than pornstars did porn scenes in one day.

Reputation was key

If a model was not reliable enough, producers would book them at their own risk. Unless she was the star of the brand or had the producer run her own site, a girl who no-showed, arrived intoxicated or under the influence or with bruises was not going to be hired by other producers as despite the competition, still there was a level of respect towards the business.

It is unbeknownst to fans that some girls are still banned from all sites due to unprofessional behaviour. YES! models that  you can  still see on twitter or shooting for one producer.

I had a bad experience with a very popular onlyfans girl. The girl no showed the shoot; however, as BoobsRealm pays well, she offered me to come late for “a private session as a client”. I said no as she was disrespectful. She knows I hooked her up with a huge producer. Her unprofessional behaviour and her unprofessional reaction to my response to her unprofessional behaviour made me tell this legendary producer that she no showed and was someone flaky. The girl, who did test photos for this big boobs site got scratched from the list. this onlyfans girl never got the chance to shoot for a big boobs producer and became their best model. Now she is sucking bums dicks for free -collabs they say- on everybody’s and their father to be popular.

Nowadays when girls have unprofessional behaviour they can just play victim and go on social media so their legion of simps defend them.

Let me know what you miss from the pre-onlyfans era.

Model did topless without family knowing

Before social media many girls did topless or porn in order to make money and hping no one found out. It is well documented that when Wendi White’s boyfriend found out about her porn, he beat her up. Also Jenna Doll’s boyfriend’s ex gf tried to get her evicted sending her porn to her landlords. Girls such as Yulia Nova, Bea Flora or Ala Passtel did topless without anyone in their circle knowing.

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Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boobsrealm__com/ My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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jonny swede
1 year ago

Thank you for some very interesting insights from behind the scenes of the past boobworld. It’s nice to hear you tell your stories and anecdotes, as you’re an experienced guy. Thanks!

jonny swede
1 year ago

And oh, that image of Yulia Nova is magnificent!

1 year ago
Reply to  jonny swede

It would be magnificent if the top was off, lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Artie

^ This comment was +3 before the serial downvoter got to it. No boob lover would actually disagree with this comment.

Last edited 1 year ago by Artie
1 year ago

There is something OnlyFans won’t kill: AI.

It’s feasible to make very photorealistic AI images with CivitAI’s Deliberate 2.0 model, if the objective isn’t incredibly specific (I.E. trying to make fanart).

Videos might be a bit of a ways out, though, but when they arrive, why settle for the flawed human being with limits that only exists onscreen when the alternative is perfect artifice whose only limit is the imagination?

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