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People loved the previous two instalments. Part 1 and Part 2 of the Tales from the Boobs Territories, which coves some stories before Onlyfans was a thing and the boobs landscape was covered by producers and Professional Busty Models and Pornstars. This is a play on Tales from The Territories which pertains to pro-wrestling. Later this year I will post a couple of Dark Side of the Boobs, which is a play on the dark stories from pro-wrestling, but applied to Boobs.

Scammers Alert

While a lot of fault can be put on some producers and independent porn producers and agents for running off some girls, it is also worth mentioning that not all models were/ are innocent angels. Below a top 5 legit stories from famous and not so famous girls. For legal reasons I cannot mention the real names. ALL these stories were told by people directly involved in the situations.

  1. One Canadian amateur girl received a camera from a US-based company to shoot some videos for them. The girl kept the camera and never got back to the producer. This girl is an obscure curvy girl that shot content in the early 2010’s for a huge boobs website. We never heard of her again. I do not even remember her name.
  2. Another BBW famous girl used to forward any e-mail or message to her manager/husband/pimp who DEMANDED a deposit to be made beforehand any shoot. This moron even had the audacity to Demand a deposit for an e-mail interview for BoobsRealm, when really almost no one that did not see her on Score cared a rat ass about this girl. This lady and her “manager” scammed amateur producers based in the US, as the lady never replied back after receiving the deposit. When amateur producers messaged the ‘manager” to get the money back, the moron replied by stating that he had the real name of the producer and address and he had contacts that could harm him should he went public on the scam. Not that anyone else that mattered would have hired this overrated scammer, but sadly she had her fans. Note: those fans used to tweet or post on forums how beautiful of a person she was… Morons!
  3. One of the most popular busty camgirls of the last 10 years used a guy to live for free at her place. No sex exchange, just she being her girlfriend and using him as sugar daddy. When the money supply ended she decided she did no love him anymore and moved to live with her real boyfriend.
  4. One girl that could have been the new face of European Boobs burned bridges with 99% of the producers -including Boobsrealm- as she committed to shoots, made them lose money, used a guy good to pay for her rent and food while she started making money and finally got involved with a man that  “surprisingly” took her money and ruined her career for telling her to ask for more money than what Angela White charged for a gangbang for topless photos. in 2022/2023 the girl -or her new guy- sent feelers to most of the boobs producers, rightfully being ignored by all. Or almost all.
  5. One of the top 20 busty girls of the decade is “persona non-grate” in 99% of the sites is known for changing the rules of the shoot after her arrival and demanding more money than what was previously agreed for the same topless shoot she agreed, even if there is proof in writing.

XL Girls from Scoreland

Hidden Footage

I have always told you that there is a lot of footage that will never make it to the public. As I stated it from my own experience, I  have an interview -and more- with a retired pornstar. However, I agreed to only release it if I had written consent. Another example of these type of videos is the Hardcore debut of Viola Baileys, which was denied by Viola until released. Another video that was not supposed to make it online but did is the BJ of Rockell Starbux for Cosmid. Apparently the video was recorded for private use, but the Cosmid guy considered that it was covered by the Model Release form. Ms. Starbux got it taken down after she found out.  We can also run through FTVx which is a collection of videos shot from 2008 to presumably now of hardcore videos of girls who did not do hardcore for Ftvgirls. Another sample is Lucy Li’s IR video, which we found about thanks to a photo leaked.

This info has to be taken with a grain of salt, as it does not mean that ALL girls have done it ALL in private videos; however, I can tell you from different accounts from different people that some things you-and I -would dream- to watch DO exist, but may never be release.

Viola on Woodman

viola baileys fucked

Deleted interview

Back in the day BoobsRealm used to have a lot of written interview with busty girls (such as Angela White, Natasha Nice, Merilyn Sakova, Tanya Song, etc). One of the usual questions was “What di you do when you are not modeling?”. The girls would say, watch TV or some would describe their regular job.

Let’s keep in mind that Porn is like Wrestling and girls have to keep their Gimmick, so if a girl works as a clerk at a store, she would still say she is just a model to keep the fantasy alive. having said that, this famous interviewee described a little bit of her job and added “nobody can make a living as a busty model. There is not much money in that. You need another job. If a girl tells you they only model they are lying and they are doing something else”. While someone with an innocent mind would read it as the model is lying and “keeping the gimmick alive” I did understand it as the girl was doing some other work that was “not paying taxes”. It seems that I was not the only person that understood the message, as other models contacted this girl and told her to tell me to delete that part from out interview as it was painting them in a negative light. I did delete that portion. Years later I found out that this girl had a feud with another popular busty girl and that answer was directed at her.

NOTE: Nowadays many girls can make a living off of onlyfans, but a vast majority cannot.  There are approximately 1.5 million Creators on Onlyfans. So remember that only the 2% are making over $5,000/month, while despite some girls making over 1 million a year… The average creator of OnlyFans earns approximately US$151 per month (average of the 1.5M creators, some of them with zero income or zero content).

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From my interview with Hitomi which has never been posted

By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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1 year ago

Any hints you could give regarding the unreleased scenes you’ve heard of that might exist?

Jack Meoff
1 year ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

C’mon man you must have a lot more stories to tell. You’re having an interesting life, the kind most men dream about. I was a model looking athlete when I was young so I could sleep with a lot of girls and women and did. There was a cost to it though… I could never and have never been able to use a condom. As a result of that I came down with VD often, name the VD and I’ve had it. Luckily though avoided herpes and AIDS. My stupid younger self thought no big deal, just take the course… Read more »

1 year ago

What you are talking about here is simply the nature of most women, particularly attractive women. They use men to get what they want. Recently one famous pornstar decided to retire and now acts like she is a nun. Any mention of her former life gets you immediately blocked. I imagine she now works behind the counter in a hardware store somewhere using her real name.

1 year ago

Nice article! So enjoyable! But, The hell!
To put those last lines about Hitomi.

You’re the devil, now I’m so hyped. Thanks! 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  KaaMoS

My hope is that some unreleased hc will surface.. Remember veronika zemanova and amanda dawn. I aleays hope in some miracle

1 year ago
Reply to  Potato

Veronika Zemanová, of course! I’m not sure that she just tried once, on Schulhofmösen, and then absolutely rejected the idea to try again. Those years she was already used to play with mens on camera for magazines (photo sessions aren’t a thing of 5 minutes) so she could get more confident and try again… no mention she already worked as a mistress (I doubt as a slave, because the rules of that House, otherwise I think she could be even more confident and easygoing). However, she didn’t completely lost the idea… just remember all that AEN.TV stuff years later, when… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by KaaMoS
1 year ago

I’ve wondered for the longest if Janet Jade had an unreleased titfuck video with Score. There was never a video to go with the photoset titled “tugs for tits”. All her other titfuck photosets had a corresponding video, but that one.

1 year ago

I never bought Viola’s denial for a second lol. Her so-called “boyfriend” walking in on her sucking off Woodman and walking out in anger was also clearly staged (funny how she immediately sucked off Woodman’s friends as well. He paid well). Her innocent, nubile, angelic persona was part of the gimmick. Choosing to get DPed by 2 old fat hairy dudes rather than her “boyfriend” worked well because most paying porn fans are old fat dudes (younger guys just stream or download for free). I loved it, but wasn’t fooled. Too bad she didn’t do scenes with Torbe and Cel.

1 year ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

viola hc with woodman is history one of best scenes ever, a pity girls like viola are so rare

Jack Meoff
1 year ago
Reply to  pline

I had it downloaded but lost the thumbdrive. My wife will probably find it one day after I am dead.

Jack Meoff
1 year ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Viola is a champ in that woodman video. I am probably the worst porn customer ever. I think I’ve paid for porn once back in 2003. It was just a series of shots of an english woman with a great body. Maybe $13. It’s been free ever since.

1 year ago

do you pay for interviews?

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