This post is different. This is not only to talk about Toni Storm and her recent misfortune, but to raise awareness about leaked information and trust in other human beings. Former Progress and Stardom Champion, soon to be NxT Uk Women’s champion and WWE Standout Toni Storm is the latest victim of celebrities leaked content.

For the fans that are just to find porn and topless busty babes, this post about Toni Storm might disappoint you. However, I have a lot of respect and love for Toni Storm and I felt I had to make this post. Yes, Toni Storm is one of the prettiest girls in the world. The big breast lovers might be expecting more, but Toni has the best booty in wrestling.

Going back to the topic. This could not have happened to the kindest and cutest female wrestler. However, it did happen. Nude photos of Toni and a short video of her masturbating were leaked. According to some websites, more risque content is coming out soon. As a result Toni Storm has deleted her social media and taken time off.

This is not to put blame in Toni, but it is to raise awareness about the fact that women should be learn from these events which are increasing every year.

Yes, we do want to see hot girls nude, but it is obvious that one thing is to see women that get paid to do it and another is to see somebody whose privacy got leaked. This time it is not just a random celebrity, but is one I do hold good feelings for.

Technology makes our lives easier, but also opens doors for risks. This is not a conspiraccy theory, but truth. For those who are unaware, your phones and coputers can be hacked and can even record images and sound even when your apps are down or even the phones are off -unless you take out the battery-. Certain sites on the Deep Web sell hacked content from girls-next door who are unaware some hackers recorded them.

The following are my 2 cents for any woman -or people in general-

  1. Do not take nude selfies or videos. Breaches in security could mean your naked body or amateur porn will be out there. It is like drinking and driving. Many people do it, but the risk of crashin is there. DO not do it!
  2. Do not send nudes or record amateur sex videos with your boyfriend -let alone one night stand- or husband. There is nothing more dangerous than an angry ex. Whoever you trusted before, could be not trustworthy years later. Just ask WWE Diva Paige or independent wrestler Rachel Summerslyn who got leaked by ex-boyfriend and ex-husband, respectively.
  3. If you have the habit of undressing in front your computer or have sex in your room, put a tape covering your webcam and only uncover your webcam when you are using it.
  4. Disallow the microphone on your computer when you are not using it.
  5. Watch out the app you install on your phones. Some apps might have access to your camera, contacts and galleries. When you install them you get a notification about the access, but when the updates are run, you might not get the notifiction of the accesses changed.

In BoobsRealm,com #WeSupportToni. Please if you wanna comment, provide constructive criticism.

If you want nudes, please visit the professionals

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By Boobsrealm

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5 years ago

I can’t believe that wrestling, in 2019, is still actually a thing.

5 years ago

As an Australian, and a wrestling fan, I have so much love and respect for Toni. I only hope this doesn’t effect her career like it has for others in the past.

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