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There are so many girls on onlyfans that it is hard to keep track of them all. Olivia Casta – or so we thought- is one of those young looking girls with nice big tits who does topless on onlyfans and has a beautiful face. It results that it seems Olivia Casta does not exist and the model who appears on her photos is a girl altered by filters.

Same facial expression

Check out Oliva Casta photos. Looks cute, doesn’t she? Have you noticed that she looks very similar in all photos?

Some users noted this weird facial expressions and found that Russian model Maria Tretjakova, currently 35, might be the person behind the Olivia Casta character.

Social Media

Olivia Casta has a large following. Some fans might be real, but others true. The Olivia Casta project seems to be one of the many Fake Model profiles. Oddly enough it bypassed the verification process on Onlyfans.

On IG this individual has 1.3M followers. Scary.



Below some photos of Olivia Casta.

Now take a look at Maria.

Now use the FaceApp Teen Filter on Maria and boom, you get a photo of Olivia Casta. Fan blogger at Babapedia even identified birthmarks.

So while some girls are busting their ass- sometimes literally- to get money, some Russian is making 6 figures using a teen app. Let’s acknowledge that Maria is pretty, but I am sure young and innocent-looking Olivia Casta (virgin in spanish) is a better sell.

olivia casta Maria Tretjakova

My own experience

Filters can be deceiving. Have you met someone from Tinder and found out that they do not look like the person on the profile you swiped right?

This is why producers ask models to send unfiltered full body photos, to make sure that they get the day of the shoot the woman they hired based on what was seen online.

I can tell you 99% of the girls I worked with look better in person than in photos, but I did have an experience where the model filtered all her photos on social media. It was not a catastrophic difference, but for sure there was some difference.

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1 year ago

that es fastastik!!! i believe maria is veryy beutiful! the appliqation is no so nesearry but i can understand how money will cash for people. it is true no thing in the internets is real.

1 year ago

Horrible onlyfan market

1 year ago

She has a fundraiser page too with lots of guys contributing.

1 year ago

I have a serious hatred for face filters, it’s pure deception, plain and simple. There’s a few Reddit girls I follow who always use them and pretend they’re all natural, even though their face is super smooth and blurry and looks like a child’s. It’s pathetic.

1 year ago

I didn’t understand so well if Maria is aware of this, or if she’s doing it by herself… But I rather her real face, looks like a mature and experienced girl, which I find more interesting. Her fake face is too clean as an alien mockup… I find this as a transition from anime hentai to 3D models.

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